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Fly on schedules from all TWA decades. From the time we started as T&WA - Trans Continental and Western Air until the year 2001 when the original TWA has suspended its operations.

Fly Ozark Airlines DC-9s from their April 1985 schedule.

TWA Aircrafts include the Lockheed L1049, Lockheed L749,      DC-3,     DC-4,  Boeing 707s, Convair 880, Boeing 727, DC-9s, Boeing 757,       Boeing 767, Boeing 747 and our famous Lockheed L1011.

We started a new era:

We added Boeing 747-400s, Boeing 777-200s, Airbus A330-300 and Airbus A318-100 to our fleet. We have new routes, new destinations and new state-of-the-art aircrafts.



At vTWA we have different divisions:

TWA - containing all historic schedules, TWP - all schedules with piston engine aircrafts, Ozark -   DC-9 and B727 schedules of Ozark Airlines, Getaway Vacations - TWA's charter operations using aircrafts of TWA fleet, Executive Flight Division - flights with executive/corporate aircrafts like ACJ318, CRJ200 and Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 based in Fort Lauderdale.

All aircrafts and routes can be flown without restrictions in rank or flight hours. All pilots enjoy the freedom to select the aircraft, devision, route, etc. of their choice.


Nationwide, Worldwide, Depend on TWA

Logo Flight From To Aircraft Status ETE Info
PAC632 Tampa International Airport José Martí International Airport Parked 00:00 Info


Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
Departure Time
TWA649 KSTL KDEN Jonathan Stevens B727-31 N839TW 21:55
TWA61321 KSTL KJFK Bill Ruggiereo B747-8I N748TW 00:00
TWA331 KJFK KSTL Bill Ruggiereo DC-9-51 N406EA 14:30
TWE7750 KDCA KJFK Bill Ruggiereo JETSTREAM 41 N551HK 13:05
TWA838B-92 LFPG EDDM Berny Goodman B747-131 N93101 8:50
TWG1941 LGAV RJAA George Pap CONCORDE N001TW 00:00 UTC
TWA61321 KSTL KJFK Stuart Guberman B747-8I N748TW 00:00
OZA672F KMCI KLAS Lester Padgett DC-9-41 N934L 22:25
TWA911 KJFK TNCM Robert Baker B757-231 N723TW 9:00


Logo Flight # DEP ARR FLT Time Pilot Rate Aircraft Status
TWG 1943 LOWS LSGS 01.33.00 TWA0100 Dario Fereira -103 HOWARD 500 ARRIVED
TWG 1942 EDDS LOWS 00.56.38 TWA0100 Dario Fereira -66 HOWARD 500 ARRIVED
TWE 7737 KJFK KDCA 01.01.50 TWA0114 Bill Ruggiereo -122.26 DASH 8-Q400 ARRIVED
TWE 7794 KJFK KPIT 01.59.26 TWA0105 George A Gross Jr -221.46 JETSTREAM 41 ARRIVED
OZA 320 KFLL KEYW 00.42.56 TWA0140 Gela Napireli -635.92 DC-9-31 ARRIVED
TWA 650 KDEN KSTL 01.40.10 TWA0136 Jonathan Stevens -267.59 B727-31 ARRIVED
TWA 188 KMIA KJFK 02.33.24 TWA0114 Bill Ruggiereo -204.54 DC-9-41 ARRIVED
TWA 649 KSTL KDEN 2.00 TWA0136 Jonathan Stevens 0 B727-31 ARRIVED
TWA 189 KJFK KMIA 02.54.30 TWA0114 Bill Ruggiereo -108.42 DC-9-41 ARRIVED
TWA 472 KSTL KCLT 01.41.40 TWA0114 Bill Ruggiereo -285.28 CRJ200 ARRIVED
TWA 191 KPIT KSTL 01.59.41 TWA0114 Bill Ruggiereo -25.38 CRJ200 ARRIVED
TWA 333 KMCI KPDX 03.32.42 TWA0133 Bob Mitrchell -188.39 B757-231 ARRIVED
TWE 7786 KJFK KPIT 01.45.37 TWA0114 Bill Ruggiereo -144.56 DASH 8-Q400 ARRIVED
TWA 721A-89 EDDF EGKK 01.32.34 TWA0001 Roland Braksch -382 B787-8 ARRIVED
OZA 869B KSTL KDEN 01.54.56 TWA0113 John Mullen -173.78 A318-112 ARRIVED

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