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Name David Kurth Hours 15.39
Pilot ID TWA0129 Flights 7
Rank Flight Officer Last Flight 10 Days ago
Hire Date 06/30/2017 Last Flight Date 06/10/2018
Hub KFLL Country United States United States
Status Active Title Pilot

David's Awards

    Received after Registration at vTWA
    A1-New Hire
    Received after Registration at vTWA
    Received after promotion to Flight Officer
    A2-Flight Officer
    Received after promotion to Flight Officer

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Pilots Recent Flights

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Pirep Chart


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
TWA800B-68 LFPO LIRF B707-331 (N773TW) 01.46.22 06/10/2018
TWE7612-92 MYEH KMIA ATR42 (N4206G) 01.10.37 04/16/2018
TWA597 KORD KSFO B757-231 (N723TW) 04.04.01 01/16/2018
TWA820C LFPO LIRF B720-131 (N791TW) 02.10.09 11/17/2017
TWA671 KDEN KSFO B717-231 (N411TW) 02.26.35 10/20/2017
TWA436-85 KIAH KSTL DC-9-31 (N929L) 01.56.54 08/26/2017
TWE7211 KFOE KBFF SAAB 340 (N101CN) 02.04.48 07/03/2017
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