Matheus Felix's Statistics

    Name Matheus Felix Hours 5.11
    Pilot ID TWA1087 Flights 3
    Rank Cadet Last Flight 153 Days ago
    Hire Date: 08/02/2021 Last Flight Date 08/28/2021
    Base KMCI Country Brazil Brazil
    Status Inactive Rank Cadet
    Base Manager Title Pilot
    Type Rating Cat.0 Type Rating Cat.1
    Type Rating Cat.2 Type Rating Cat.3a
    Type Rating Cat.3b Type Rating Cat.4a
    Type Rating Cat.5 Others,Cargo

Matheus Felix

Matheus's Awards

    Received after First Steps completed
    A01-New Hire
    Received after First Steps completed

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Pirep Chart


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
SSC003 KJFK LFPG CONCORDE (N001TW) 03.05.55 08/28/2021
TWO69 KORD KMCI L1649 (N7307C) 01.16.55 08/27/2021
TWA464 KMCI KORD L1011-385-1 (N11005) 00.48.10 08/04/2021
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