America West Airlines

TWA and America West signed a system-wide code-share agreement. However, as TWA was sold to American Airlines, the code-share agreement with AWE was not fully implemented.

We took this opportunity to add America West flights to our network. We have selected the AWE network from December 1991 with a fleet of Boeing 737, 757 and 747.

We will add more AWE flights in the future. AWE operated 5 Boeing 737-100, 62 Boeing 737-200, 63 Boeing 737-300, 15 Boeing 757-200 and 4 Boeing 747-200. Later 34 Airbus A319-100 and 65 Airbus A320-200 joined the fleet and the B737's left the fleet. The Boeing 747-200 was just a short time visitor at AWE.

The 1991 AWE timetable, does not show the aircraft type for each sector. Therefore B737-200 can be substituted by B737-300 and v.v.


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