Hub Information Los Angeles -LAX (KLAX)

TWA and Trans World Express operates from Terminal 3 at LAX. Gates 34 and 35 assigned to L1011 and B747.

Gate 39 is for aircrafts up-to B727-31.

Top Aircraft Types

# Flights Type
1 27 DC-9-82
2 10 DC-9-81
3 4 B717-231
4 4 DC-9-32Z
5 1 CRJ900

Top Pilots by Flights

# Flights Pilot
1 50 Eric Elia

Top Pilots by Flights (month)

No Statistics available!

Top Pilots by Hours

# Time Pilot
1 91:45 Eric Elia

Top Pilots by Hours (month)

No Statistics available!

Top Landings

# V/S A/C Airport Pilot
1 -70.74 ft/min MD82 KLAS Eric Elia

Top Landings (month)

No Statistics available!

Pilots based in KLAX

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Status Location VATSIM IVAO
TWA0148 United States Eric Elia Pilot in Command 50 591.45 warning KBUR 1004505
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