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Welcome to the greatest city in the world “New York City”. Also welcome to Trans World Airlines most dynamic hub our “John F. Kennedy Hub” . Whatever your flying ambitions are our JFK hub is sure to have something for you.

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Bill “Spike” Ruggiero
JFK-STL Hub Manager

Top Aircraft Types

# Flights Type
1 54 B757-231
2 51 B747-431
3 44 HOWARD 500
4 27 B727-231
5 21 B727-31

Top Pilots by Flights

# Flights Pilot
1 218 Dario Fereira
2 40 Bill Ruggiereo
3 11 Joan Herrera
4 10 Pete Desjardins
5 7 Lester Padgett

Top Pilots by Flights (month)

# Flights Pilot
1 2 Dario Fereira

Top Pilots by Hours

# Time Pilot
1 626:18 Dario Fereira
2 137:39 Bill Ruggiereo
3 51:59 Joan Herrera
4 34:32 Pete Desjardins
5 09:01 Lester Padgett

Top Pilots by Hours (month)

# Time Pilot
1 05:06 Dario Fereira

Top Landings

# V/S A/C Airport Pilot
1 -12 ft/min B721 ENTC Dario Fereira
2 -22 ft/min B772 KORD Bill Ruggiereo
3 -32 ft/min DC95 KJFK Pete Desjardins
4 -71 ft/min B712 KSTL Lester Padgett
5 -143.79 ft/min JS41 KPHL John Hodder

Top Landings (month)

# V/S A/C Airport Pilot
1 -161 ft/min B744 KDEN Dario Fereira

Pilots based in KJFK

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Status Location
TWA0100 Brazil Dario Fereira Senior Captain 218 756.18 warning KSFO
TWA0114 United States Bill Ruggiereo Fleet Captain 40 1027.39 warning KIND
TWA0116 United States Lester Padgett Senior Captain 7 509.01 warning KMCI
TWA0139 United States David Bergstrom New Hire 0 0.00 warning
TWA0142 United States John Hodder New Hire 1 0.43 warning KPHL
TWA0145 Canada Pete Desjardins Senior Captain 10 534.32 warning CYUL
TWA0146 Canada Mike Normandeau New Hire 0 0.00 warning
TWA0151 United States Ryan Badger First Officer 3 91.26 warning KORD
TWA0154 United States David Burgess New Hire 1 0.44 warning KBOS
TWA0157 United States Nicholas Butcher New Hire 0 0.00 warning
TWA0159 United States Joan Herrera First Officer 11 56.59 warning OKBK
TWA0164 United States Ryan Miltenberger New Hire 0 0.00 warning
TWA0172 United States James Moody New Hire 0 0.00 warning
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