Virtual Trans World Airlines's Fleet Tracker For Douglas DC-9-15 Ozark (N975Z)

Aircraft General Info

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Name: DC-9-15Z
Fullname: Douglas DC-9-15 Ozark
Registration: N975Z
Range: 1100nm
Weight: 90700lbs
Cruise: M.78/482kts
Passengers: 73
Cargo: 0

MX Status

Aircraft Condition: 99.48
Gear Condition: 99.8
Engine Condition: 99.8
Structure Condition: 99.88

Aircraft Stats

Total Miles: 139
Total Hours: 0
Total Flights: 1
Total Cargo Carried: 73

Current Aircraft Location

Latest 15 Flights List

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Date Landing Rate View
TWA694 KRDU KORF 0 05/05/2021 -262 View

Latest 15 Flights Map

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Available Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Distance View
TWA670 KSTL KMDW 1.07 218.475 View Flight Schedule
TWA434 KSTL KSDF 1 220.793 View Flight Schedule
TWA178 KSTL KSDF 1.03 220.793 View Flight Schedule
TWA679 KSDF KSTL 1.16 220.793 View Flight Schedule
TWA551 KSDF KSTL 1.1 220.793 View Flight Schedule
TWA321 KSTL KSGF 1.04 169.117 View Flight Schedule
TWA363 KSTL KSGF 1 169.117 View Flight Schedule
TWA338 KSGF KSTL 0.53 169.117 View Flight Schedule
TWA118 KSGF KSTL 0.59 169.117 View Flight Schedule
TWA694 KRDU KORF 0.39 139.273 View Flight Schedule
TWA693 KORF KRDU 0.39 139.273 View Flight Schedule
TWA111 KBNA KSTL 1.03 236.447 View Flight Schedule
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