Virtual Trans World Airlines's Fleet Tracker For Boeing 707-331B / 8709 (N18709)

Aircraft General Info

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ICAO: B703
Name: B707-331
Fullname: Boeing 707-331B / 8709
Registration: N18709
Range: 4750nm
Weight: 335000lbs
Cruise: M.85/585kts
Passengers: 151
Cargo: 0

MX Status

Aircraft Condition: 99.68
Gear Condition: 99.9
Engine Condition: 99.9
Structure Condition: 99.88

Aircraft Stats

Total Miles: 11031
Total Hours: 25
Total Flights: 3
Total Cargo Carried: 313710

Current Aircraft Location

Latest 15 Flights List

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Date Landing Rate View
TWA741-65 EDDF KJFK 8 07/12/2018 -153 View
TWG447 LPPT SVMI 8 11/04/2016 -50 View
TWG685 SBGL LPPT 9 11/03/2016 -58 View

Latest 15 Flights Map

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Available Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Distance View
TWA740A-65 KLAX KJFK 4.47 2148.3 View Flight Schedule
TWA740B-65 KJFK EDDF 7.3 3344.98 View Flight Schedule
TWA741-65 EDDF KJFK 8.3 3344.98 View Flight Schedule
TWA805-68 LFPO KJFK 9.35 3152.82 View Flight Schedule
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