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Name Bill Munk Hours 22.53
Pilot ID TWA1009 Flights 3
Rank Flight Officer Last Flight 387 Days ago
Hire Date 04/16/2017 Last Flight Date 05/29/2017
Hub KLAX Country United States United States
Status On Leave Title Pilot

Bill's Awards

    Received after Registration at vTWA
    A1-New Hire
    Received after Registration at vTWA

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Pirep Chart


Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
SST410091 LIRF OMDB B787-8 (N787TW) 05.07.37 05/29/2017
SST410061 KJFK LIRF B787-8 (N787TW) 07.15.23 05/19/2017
TWA760-89 KLAX EGLL B747SP-31 (N57203) 10.30.18 05/04/2017
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