Flight TWA357

  • Submitted By: Marcel De Boer
  • Departure Airport: Lambert St Louis Intl. Airport (KSTL)
  • Arrival Airport: Louisville Standiford Field (KSDF)
  • Aircraft: B727-231A (N64339)
  • Flight Time: 01.02.27
  • Date Submitted: 02/14/2018
  • Landing Report: BUMP! Not to bad.
  • Route: TOY-PXV
  • Status: Accepted
  • Performance: On time
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(108 load / $ 105.00 per unit
$ 11, 340.00
Fuel Cost:
(6013 fuel used @ 0.59 / unit)
$ 3, 547.67

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FS[12:50] ----- Flight Opened -----
FS[12:50] JetStream -
FS[12:50] FS: FSX
FS[12:50] FSUIPC: v4,971
FS[12:50] Flight Number: TWA357
FS[12:50] FS Aircraft: CS 727-200 Captain Paint14
FS[12:50] FS Model: B722
FS[12:50] FS Type: BOEING
FS[12:50] Departure: KSTL
FS[12:50] Arrival: KSDF
FS[12:50] Flight Level: 30000
FS[12:50] Flight Type: P
FS[12:50] Passengers: 108
FS[12:50] FOB: 20998 lbs
FS[12:50] Gate: 32 - KSTL
FS[12:50] Crash Detection: Disabled
FS[12:50] Crash Detection Aircraft: Disabled
FS[12:50] Engines: 3 Jet
FS[12:50] NOTE: Boarding has started
FS[12:50] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[12:50] Light Data: Navigation ON
FS[12:50] Light Data: Beacon ON
FS[12:50] Main Door Open
FS[12:50] COM1: 128.30
FS[12:50] COM2: 127.80
FS[12:50] Transponder: 1200
FS[12:51] COM1: 121.65
FS[12:51] Transponder: 0553
FS[12:52] Main Door Closed
FS[12:53] Light Data: Instrument lights ON
FS[12:54] Engine 3: Started
FS[12:55] Engine 1: Started
FS[12:56] Engine 2: Started
FS[12:57] Light Data: Wing lights ON
FS[12:58] NOTE: Pushing back
FS[12:58] Parking Brake: Released
FS[13:00] Flaps: Position 1
FS[13:00] Flaps: Position 2
FS[13:01] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[13:01] Light Data: Taxi lights ON
FS[13:05] COM1: 118.50
FS[13:05] Light Data: Landing lights ON
FS[13:06] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[13:08] Parking Brake: Released
FS[13:08] NOTE: ----- TAKE OFF -----
FS[13:08] GS: 128 knots
FS[13:08] TAS: 132 knots
FS[13:08] IAS: 134 knots
FS[13:08] VS: 67 fpm
FS[13:08] FOB: 20470 lbs
FS[13:08] Heading: 116°
FS[13:08] Pitch: 8°
FS[13:08] Bank: 0°
FS[13:08] Aircraft Weight: 130116,26 lbs
FS[13:08] Nearest Airport: KSTL
FS[13:08] Distance: 0,07 miles
FS[13:08] Runway: 12L - KSTL
FS[13:08] Ground Surface: Concrete
FS[13:08] Ground Condition: Wet
FS[13:08] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[13:08] Wind Heading: 121°
FS[13:08] Wind Speed: 4 knots
FS[13:08] OAT: 6° C
FS[13:08] TAT: 8° C
FS[13:08] Precipitation: Light Rain
FS[13:08] Dew Point: 6° C
FS[13:08] Visibility: 2 miles
FS[13:08] METAR: KSTL 141247Z 12004KT 2SM -RA BR BKN010 OVC034 06/06 A3020 RMK AO2 RAB17 P0001
FS[13:08] NOTE: Climb started
FS[13:09] Landing Gear: Retracted
FS[13:09] GS: 138 knots
FS[13:09] TAS: 141 knots
FS[13:09] IAS: 144 knots
FS[13:09] VS: 1664 fpm
FS[13:09] AGL: 85 ft
FS[13:09] AMSL: 636 ft
FS[13:09] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[13:09] Flaps: Position 0
FS[13:09] GS: 176 knots
FS[13:09] TAS: 182 knots
FS[13:09] IAS: 181 knots
FS[13:09] VS: 2579 fpm
FS[13:09] COM1: 120.05
FS[13:11] Turbulence: Light
FS[13:12] Turbulence: None
FS[13:13] COM1: 128.10
FS[13:15] Autopilot: Engaged
FS[13:15] AGL: 11778 ft
FS[13:15] AMSL: 12253 ft
FS[13:16] COM1: 127.70
FS[13:26] NOTE: TOC reached
FS[13:26] NOTE: Cruise started
FS[13:26] GS: 454 knots
FS[13:26] TAS: 425 knots
FS[13:26] IAS: 279 knots
FS[13:26] VS: 199 fpm
FS[13:26] FOB: 17622 lbs
FS[13:26] Heading: 116°
FS[13:26] Pitch: 0°
FS[13:26] Bank: 0°
FS[13:26] Aircraft Weight: 127272,68 lbs
FS[13:33] NOTE: TOD reached
FS[13:33] NOTE: Descent started
FS[13:33] GS: 466 knots
FS[13:33] TAS: 425 knots
FS[13:33] IAS: 281 knots
FS[13:33] VS: -1326 fpm
FS[13:33] FOB: 16659 lbs
FS[13:33] Heading: 91°
FS[13:33] Pitch: 0°
FS[13:33] Bank: 0°
FS[13:33] Aircraft Weight: 126308,21 lbs
FS[13:35] COM1: 128.30
FS[13:47] NOTE: On approach
FS[13:47] Turbulence: Light
FS[13:47] Flaps: Position 2
FS[13:47] GS: 276 knots
FS[13:47] TAS: 238 knots
FS[13:47] IAS: 223 knots
FS[13:47] VS: -2306 fpm
FS[13:47] Flaps: Position 1
FS[13:47] GS: 241 knots
FS[13:47] TAS: 221 knots
FS[13:47] IAS: 210 knots
FS[13:47] VS: -1508 fpm
FS[13:47] Flaps: Position 2
FS[13:47] GS: 239 knots
FS[13:47] TAS: 220 knots
FS[13:47] IAS: 209 knots
FS[13:47] VS: -1532 fpm
FS[13:49] Flaps: Position 3
FS[13:49] GS: 132 knots
FS[13:49] TAS: 161 knots
FS[13:49] IAS: 155 knots
FS[13:49] VS: 249 fpm
FS[14:50] Turbulence: None
FS[14:53] Flaps: Position 4
FS[14:53] GS: 145 knots
FS[14:53] TAS: 171 knots
FS[14:53] IAS: 164 knots
FS[14:53] VS: 6 fpm
FS[14:53] Landing Gear: Extended
FS[14:53] GS: 141 knots
FS[14:53] TAS: 167 knots
FS[14:53] IAS: 160 knots
FS[14:53] VS: 136 fpm
FS[14:53] AGL: 3251 ft
FS[14:53] AMSL: 3733 ft
FS[14:55] Turbulence: Light
FS[14:56] Turbulence: Moderate
FS[14:56] Flaps: Position 6
FS[14:56] GS: 161 knots
FS[14:56] TAS: 166 knots
FS[14:56] IAS: 164 knots
FS[14:56] VS: -1480 fpm
FS[14:57] Autopilot: Disengaged
FS[14:57] AGL: 879 ft
FS[14:57] AMSL: 1351 ft
FS[14:57] NOTE: ----- LANDED -----
FS[14:57] Landing Rate: -294,51 fpm
FS[14:57] GS: 110 knots
FS[14:57] TAS: 114 knots
FS[14:57] IAS: 115 knots
FS[14:57] VS: -289 fpm
FS[14:57] FOB: 15007 lbs
FS[14:57] Heading: 174°
FS[14:57] Pitch: 5°
FS[14:57] Bank: -1°
FS[14:57] Aircraft Weight: 124656,93 lbs
FS[14:57] Nearest Airport: KSDF
FS[14:57] Distance: 0,71 miles
FS[14:57] Runway: 17R - KSDF
FS[14:57] Ground Surface: Concrete
FS[14:57] Ground Condition: Wet
FS[14:57] NOTE: Weather Report
FS[14:57] Wind Heading: 164°
FS[14:57] Wind Speed: 3 knots
FS[14:57] OAT: 9° C
FS[14:57] TAT: 10° C
FS[14:57] Precipitation: Very Heavy Rain
FS[14:57] Dew Point: 9° C
FS[14:57] Visibility: 1 miles
FS[14:57] METAR: KSDF 141311Z 13004KT 1 3/4SM BR OVC008 09/08 A3030 RMK AO2 TWR VIS 2 1/2 T00890083
FS[14:57] View Mode: Virtual Cockpit
FS[14:57] Reverse Thrust Started: 106 knots
FS[14:57] Spoilers: Extended
FS[14:57] Reverse Thrust Stopped: 71 knots
FS[14:58] NOTE: Taxi started
FS[14:58] Flaps: Position 0
FS[14:58] Spoilers: Retracted
FS[14:58] Spoilers: Extended
FS[15:00] NOTE: Arrived
FS[15:00] Parking Brake: Engaged
FS[15:00] Engine 1: Stopped
FS[15:00] Engine 2: Stopped
FS[15:00] Engine 3: Stopped
FS[15:01] Spoilers: Retracted
FS[15:01] Main Door Open
FS[15:02] Gate: 13 - KSDF
FS[15:02] NOTE: Flight Completed
FS[15:02] FS Aircraft: CS 727-200 Captain Paint14
FS[15:02] FS Model: B722
FS[15:02] FS Type: BOEING
FS[15:02] FOB: 14920 lbs
FS[15:02] Fuel Used: 6013 lbs
FS[15:02] Flight Time: 01:02:27
FS[15:02] Flight Time (Dawn): 00:00:00
FS[15:02] Flight Time (Day): 01:02:27
FS[15:02] Flight Time (Dusk): 00:00:00
FS[15:02] Flight Time (Night): 00:00:00
FS[15:02] MaxSim Rate: 1x
FS[15:02] JetStream -
FS[15:02] ----- Flight Closed -----


Commenter Comment
Marcel De Boer First flight
Marcel De Boer First flight for TWA and my first flight with the Captain Sim B727.
Roland Braksch Welcome to vTWA. Thanks for the flight

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