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Pilot Handbook


1. General

What is a Virtual Airline?

A Virtual Airline (VA) is a member-driven group which aims to simulate the flights and operations of an airline, charter operation or flying club. Some may be based on real world companies while others are fictional. The route structure of virtual airlines may be regional, national, continental, or global.

Each VA is different in terms of how "realistic" it is in different areas: for example; ranking structure, the amount of training required to fly different aircraft types, the corporate management structure, and standard operating procedures.  This wide variety almost guarantees there is a VA using our network that should suit your individual needs.


2. Definition


The name of vTWA comes from Virtual Trans World Airlines, a virtual airline that is based on the operations of Trans World Airlines 1925 - 2001. We are presently using phpVMS as our virtual airline administration program. Our Virtual Airline is a non-profit organization with financial obligations for our flight and web based programs that are used today. These programs are free to use by each vTWA Member, and donations are only made by those who wish to participate in keeping our community alive. Our main goal is to provide a realistic virtual airline that mimics the operations of Trans World Airlines.

If you wish to join Virtual Trans World Airlines, you will complete the application form which you can be found on the main website, “Registration”. All questions in the application form are mandatory, you may not send your application if any data fields are left blank. After sending your application, you will receive an email with the welcome information including your Pilot ID and an email stating that your application is pending or approval of same. After your approval email, you will then be able to log into the main website using your information that you provided in the application.


1.0 Preregistration Guidelines:

1. Every applicant must be of the age of 18 years of age or older. NO EXCEPTIONS

2. Every applicant must own a legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, FSX, P3D or X-Plane.

3. Every applicant must commit to a minimum of only one (1) scheduled flight every 30 calendar days. 

4. Every applicant must have and maintain a valid email address.

5. Every applicant will be required to download and install the JetStream Acars program. This is our pilot reporting system.

6. Every applicant must be able to fly their first scheduled training flight from their chosen hub within three (3) days of applicants hire date.

7. Every applicant should attempt to maintain a landing rate -500 or lower. Applicants with a landing rate of greater than -500 will be notified of regulation violation and may be sent for pilot flight evaluation and or have their flights rejected.


1.1 Approval

After a successful registration, every flight must be flown under real weather conditions and without time acceleration, online with JetStream. If our flight logging software does not work, pilots will not be credited with their flights flown. Flights with less than 90% of the total flight time, and that are aborted due to pilot's actions, are considered to be incomplete. Only vTWA flights found within our flight schedules will be accepted. The corresponding flight number is expected. It is required that all flights start from the last destination airport. vTWA pilots must keep in mind of the simulated air traffic rules, should prepare for all charts such as airports, SID/STARS, approaches diagrams that can be useful during the flight, regulations of the used simulation network (vTWAcars or VATSIM). During the flight in a controlled airspace, the pilot must and follow and comply with ATC instructions. All vTWA pilots should take part in all Fly-Ins organized and or recommended by vTWA whenever possible.


2.1 Transfer of Hours : New members may transfer only 200 (500 during promotions) hours from one VA with a valid link from that VA to verify the pilots logged hours. Hours transferred will occur only after all Training flights are completed!


2.2 Transfer hours should be made on the Pilot’s registration of the website to join vTWA, however, New member's will have seven days to provide the information needed to verify his or her hours of transfer.


(2.3 After approval of application, all pilots regardless of number of hours to be transferred, must fly the 8 training flights out of their chosen hub. 2 flights in each aircraft category. These 8 flight can be flown with the aircraft of your choice as long as TWA used it and the equipment fits the flight! Upon completion of the 8th flight, you will then be able to fly any listed flight.  All pilots will start out as with the rank of Flight Officer, upon completion of the 8th flight you will be promoted to Regional Captain. Transfer hours will then be added and higher ranks will then be able to be obtained. Awards for excellent flying are awarded only after Training flights completed! ---- currently suspended)


3.0 Inactivity and Re-Hires: Any member returning to Virtual Trans World Airlines after leaving from their own resignation must contact the Director of Member Services directly to apply for the re-activation process.


3.1 Any member returning to be re-hired after being removed for inactivity must contact the Director of Member Services via email, stating the reasons behind for the inactivity and to confirm that they are committed to fulfilling the minimum flight requirements set out in the Operations procedures below. Chief Operations Officer has final decision on who is re-hired or not.


3.2 All applications approved for re-hire after removal for inactivity, including all new hires that have not yet flown their first flight, will commence a period of probation lasting 60 days from the date of re-hire. Any member who is removed for not meeting the requirements will be removed. Anyone wishing to appeal their termination from vTWA should contact the CEO at directly.


4.0 Minimum Flight Requirements: All new Pilots must complete their first scheduled flight within three (3) days of hire. After your first flight, each pilot must complete (1) scheduled flight every 30 calendar days. Flights completed as a CFB (PIREP) that is denied or penalized do not count towards the minimum flight requirement. vTWA does offer the opportunity to fly “Charter” flights. You may fly to whatever destination you wish with the only requirement is flying a pice of equipment that TWA actually owned and flew! Since we are representing TWA, we will not allow flights using aircraft that was not used by TWA! There are many other VA’s out there that will allow you to fly any bird you wish. Not here!


4.1 Our pilot rosters are purged regularly for inactive accounts. If you become inactive, you will be contacted by E-mail by our Director of Member Services for an explanation. If you fail to respond to the E-mail within 3 days, your account will be suspended and your membership with vTWA will be reviewed for possible actions of account termination. Should a member wish to return, they will be subject to Re-Hire Policy Section 3.2


5.0 Pilot Logbook: Pilots will only receive logged flight time if the flight took place using a scheduled flight posted in the Virtual Trans World Airlines Flight Schedules, and was flown using the vTWA aircraft associated with that particular flight. The first submission of a fraudulent PIREP’s will result in the immediate removal of that particular flight. The second submission of a fraudulent PIREP will result in immediate suspension of the user’s membership with Virtual Trans World Airlines until the Disciplinary board meets to discuss disciplinary actions.


6.0 There are no Leave of Absence (LOA) granted. If you feel you cannot make the required one (1) flight a month, you must speak to your hub manager. At their discretion, they may allow you a period of grace! Communication is key here. We all have real life but please communicate with your manager if there are issues!  


7.0 Hub Transfers Hub transfers are only granted every 30 days. Hub transfers will be completed on the first day of every month. All hub transfer request must be made via email to the (COO) Director of Flight Operations, (7) seven days before to the transfer date.


8.0 Participation Policy We do not require any flights to be flown online. But we do expect to see that each pilot is participating within the community by doing their share. This community is your community, and it takes each and every one of us to meet the goals of vTWA, so please do your part!


8.1 Pilots must fly at 1x (one-time) simulation speed at all times! NO SLEWING, NO TIME ACCELERATION is allowed nor is advancing by map.


8.2 Each pilot will comply with the proper FAA-outlined operating procedures, altitudes and speeds while operating flights online or offline. Our Virtual Airline ALLOWS a diversion in the case of airport closure in the real world, or crosswind component of no less than 25kts, whether gusting or not, or a visibility of 3 statute miles or less. The alternate airport must be no more than 1 hour flight time from your destination airport. You will have to post a screenshot of your METAR at the point of your in-flight diversion in the "In-flight Diversion Log" forum. Before the flight, all pilots have to enter an alternate airport before starting the ACARS.


9.0 VAA Staff

President: Site owner

Chief Executive Officer: CEO he or she is responsible for the daily operations of Virtual Trans World Airlines.


10.0 Staff Operations Policy and Conditions As a staff member at Virtual Trans World Airlines, we hold our requirements higher in everything we do. This is so that we are consistently able to set a better than average example in every circumstance. As we accept and hire each staff member, we strive for complete professionalism to make sure that every individual has this same attitude of success and achievement in everything we do. All staff members must meet the following requirements to be considered for any staff position and must comply with the following conditions.

     Be 18 years of age or older

     Have some related experience in position applied for

     Participate on Team Speak within the community, Members meetings, scheduled events, ect.

     Fly a minimum of 6  flights or more a month and maintain a pilot rating of 95% or higher.

     Have no prior disciplinary actions in the past 90 days

     Must have been a vTWA member no less than 60 days of application unless preapproved .

     Be honest and fair in any type of situation.

     Answer any and all emails within a 24 hour period

     Be professional, respectable and courteous to all vTWA member and visitors.



Any vTWA pilots or Staff Members who are found violating any regulations, or has been involved in any inappropriate situations or conflicts are subject to disciplinary actions. This board consists of the 2 owners of the VA. Their decision is final!


12.0 CONDUCT VIOLATIONS The following types of misconduct will lead in the direction of disciplinary actions.

     a. Failure to show respect for fellow vTWA pilots, instructors, or members or other the vTWA staff. The use of vulgarity to any controller, pilot, instructor,  member or other staff member outside of the vTWA community

     b. Providing false information on any application, website or forum registration, falsely accusing fellow pilots or Staff of wrong doing.

     c. Discriminatory actions including racial, harassment towards fellow pilots, any staff member including visitors from outside of the community. 

     d. Off duty misconduct that reflects directly upon the image or reputation of vTWA.

     e. Continuous violations of any of the above.



13.0 Reason for vTWA

vTWA is in existence for one reason. We want our members to enjoy the hobby of flight simulation. We want to offer to our members a true representation of TWA. Our desire is to share TWA history and information with our members as well as have our members share new information with us.



Virtual Trans World Airlines services, website, domain, or other vTWA property may not be copied or reproduced by any means without the express written consent of the vTWA Sr. Staff. No one can claim rights to any part of vTWA. Trans World Airlines name, logo and Trademarks remain the property of Trans World Airlines. Virtual Trans World Airlines is a non-profit origination and no way affiliated with the real world Trans World Airlines.

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Virtual Trans World Airlines is not affiliated with any real-world airline. It is for flight simulation entertainment purposes only. For information on TWA, please visit the American Airlines web site.