Hub Information Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson (KATL)

TWA Atlanta Hub (1994-1995)

TWA opened a Mini-Hub in Atlanta during 1994. But same was closed in late 1995.

Top Aircraft Types

# Flights Type
1 8 DC-9-82
2 3 B717-231
3 1 B737-800
4 1 B757-231
5 1 B747-131

Top Pilots by Flights

# Flights Pilot
1 13 Has Stafford
2 2 Sam Yeager

Top Pilots by Flights (month)

No Statistics available!

Top Pilots by Hours

# Time Pilot
1 20:56 Has Stafford
2 07:01 Sam Yeager

Top Pilots by Hours (month)

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Top Landings

# V/S A/C Airport Pilot
1 -113.8 ft/min B738 KMCO Has Stafford
2 -328.34 ft/min B741 KLAX Sam Yeager

Top Landings (month)

No Statistics available!

Pilots based in KATL

Pilot ID Name Rank Flights Hours Status Location
TWA0158 United States John Lavine New Hire 0 0.00 warning
TWA0163 United States Landon Geraghty New Hire 0 0.00 warning
TWA0167 Switzerland Katrina Hancock New Hire 0 0.00 warning
TWA0169 United States Has Stafford Flight Officer 13 20.56 warning KSTL
TWA0175 United States Salvatore Bongiovanni New Hire 0 0.00 warning
TWA0179 United States Sam Yeager Cadet 2 7.01 warning KSFO
TWA0182 United States David Treshansky New Hire 0 0.00 warning
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